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Family Dentistry

At Tewksbury Dental Associates, we are not just professional dental care providers, we are parents. We know first-hand how important your family’s dental health is to you. Our dentists, specialists, and the entire Tewksbury Dental Associates dental team are proud to offer complete, compassionate care for you and your family in Tewksbury.

There are many advantages to making Tewksbury Dental Associates your dental home and entrusting us with your family’s general and specialty dental care. When you choose our team for family dentistry services, you can rest assured that every member of your family will feel comfortable and at ease.


Having a family dentist is not just a great way to ensure the dental health of every member of your family, it is also more convenient. At Tewksbury Dental Associates, we offer family appointments, meaning it takes just one phone call to schedule appointments and one trip to the dentist for all your family members.

Family appointments save you the time and inconvenience of multiple trips to our office for routine family dental care. When a trip to the dentist is just one date on the calendar for everyone, it’s easy to be sure that everyone in the family is up to date on their bi-annual dental checkups!

Establishes a Lifetime of Healthy Dental Habits

Visiting the dentist as a family is also a great way for parents to set an example of the importance of regular dental care for their kids. When your kids see you making dental care a priority, they are more likely to make it a priority for themselves throughout their lives.

Regular bi-annual dental checkups allow Tewksbury Dental Associates to be sure that your children are brushing and flossing properly; to check for any early signs of tooth decay; and to provide tooth-strengthening fluoride treatments which protect their teeth as they grow.

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Reduces Dental Anxiety

Growing up with a family dentist is also a good way to be sure all members of your family feel comfortable at the dentist from a young age. When children have had the same dentist their whole lives, a trip to the dentist is filled with familiar faces.

Switching from the pediatric dentist they’ve always known to a general dentist as they age can create dental phobia and anxiety. With family dentistry at Tewksbury Dental Associates, there is no anxiety about what might happen at their appointments because they have been visiting us for years!

Informed and Preventative Dental Care

Family dental care at Tewksbury Dental Associates also makes it easier to keep track of the dental health of all the members of your family. While family appointments ensure you know that everyone is visiting our office for bi-annual dental checkups, a single dental office for everyone also ensures that your dentist is familiar with both your dental history as well as that of your children.

Knowing both your dental history and tracking the history of your children is beneficial for everyone as it allows us to watch your kids for signs of any inherited dental conditions, like malocclusions or gum disease. Early prevention is often the best treatment for dental issues so knowing which signs to watch for goes a long way in protecting the health of your family’s smiles!

Help in an Emergency

We know that accidents happen, which is why we offer emergency dental care for our patients of all ages. From chipped teeth to sudden tooth pain, we are always available in the event of a dental emergency. With Tewksbury Dental Associates as your family dentist, you can be sure who to call if a dental emergency arises.

High Tech Family Dentistry

Tewksbury Dental Associates offers the most advanced dental technologies for all our patients. Our 3D CBCT x-ray machine allows us to take digital x-rays which are more comprehensive than traditional dental x-rays while at the same time reducing patient’s exposure to radiation.

With our CEREC (CERamic REConstruction) technology, we can create custom crowns and veneers in just a single appointment! CEREC same-day dental solutions are created from a non-invasive digital scan of your mouth which the advanced CEREC software then uses to mill a crown or veneer that is accurately shaped with a superior fit that needs fewer adjustments!

Dental Care for All Your Needs at All Ages

With Tewksbury Dental Associates as your family dentist, you don’t need to visit multiple dental healthcare providers for all of your family’s dental needs. From their first pediatric dental checkup to maintaining the health of their emerging permanent adult teeth to wisdom teeth extractions during their teen years, at Tewksbury Dental Associates we have your child’s dental needs covered!

Our goal is always to prevent more advanced dental issues, but if you should need more intensive specialists, like an endodontist or periodontist, we can meet those needs at Tewksbury Dental Associates. We also offer full smile makeovers, including veneers, dental implants and Invisalign aligners for adults looking to love their smile more!

Between soccer games and dance lessons, hockey practice and band recitals, raising a family today means managing multiple schedules for every member of the family! Tewksbury Dental Associates can help you have one less commitment to coordinate!

With family dentistry at Tewksbury Dental Associates, you can be sure your family is getting the dental care they need with options like convenient family appointments and all-ages dental care. At Tewksbury Dental Associates, we want your whole family to enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles! Schedule your family dentistry appointment at Tewksbury Dental Associates in Tewksbury, MA, today!

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