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Try Teeth Whitening to Land Better Job, More Dates, Study Says

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Landing your dream job or finding your soul mate could be as easy as whitening your teeth, according to one study conducted by Kelton Research.

The study involved simulated job interviews, simulated first dates and a quantitative online survey of participants before and after whitening treatments.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the study’s statistics after participants whitened their teeth and went on the simulated job interview:

  • 58 percent of the study participants were more likely to be hired
  • 53 percent received larger salary offers
  • 65 percent were perceived as being more professional
  • 61 percent were viewed as being more confident

Statistics from the simulated date included these interesting findings:

  • 54 percent of evaluators indicated they were interested in continuing their date
  • 59 percent of participants were viewed as being more outgoing

Results from the quantitative online survey aligned with the first two studies conducted. It found that people who had whiter teeth have more positive attributes than those with stained teeth across the following variables: financial success, trustworthiness and professional success.

The Kelton Research study isn’t the only one that shows the important role the smile plays. A study conducted in 2013 on behalf of found that 58 percent of men and 71 percent of women identified the teeth as one of the 10 things they judge most in the opposite sex.

“These studies aren’t surprising, because one of our most requested treatments is teeth whitening,” Tewksbury dentist Dr. Nitish Nahata says. “It’s an easy way to improve the appearance of your smile, and you can see the results in a short period of time.”

These studies help explain why so many patients request this treatment – we place a lot of importance on the appearance of our smiles. Luckily, teeth whitening is a noninvasive way of making noticeable smile improvements, and the procedures are safe for nearly everyone.

Teeth Whitening Options Offered at Our Office

If you’ve done even a small amount of research, you’ve discovered there is a seemingly endless array of teeth whitening options. We offer a number of options designed to meet your individual needs and budget:

ZOOM In-Office Whitening – ZOOM is a great option when you are pinched for time—got a last minute job interview? Too busy planning your wedding to remember to get whitening trays two weeks in advance? Come in and get it all done in one office visit! This treatment uses a hydrogen peroxide gel that is applied to your teeth and activated using a special light. The gel removes stains to reveal your natural tooth color. The treatment typically consists of three 15-minute sessions in our office, and the end result is teeth that are on average eight shades lighter.

Custom Whitening Trays – Patients who want a take-home teeth whitening product often opt for a highly concentrated gel applied to the teeth using whitening trays that are custom-made for each individual. We take impressions of your teeth to fabricate the trays, and you apply a small amount of the gel to the trays once daily for a week to 10 days. The end result is comparable to our in-office whitening treatments, with the only difference being the time it takes to achieve those results.

Venus White Strips – this is a once daily treatment used for seven days that involves the at-home use of preformed disposable whitening trays. The trays are prefilled with a low-concentration mint-flavored gel. Patients can expect to see changes in the shade of their teeth in just three days, and ultimately can get their teeth a couple of shades lighter by using this product.

Please keep in mind that teeth whitening treatments only work on natural teeth and have no effect on crowns, veneers, tooth-colored fillings or dentures.

Call today to schedule a consultation if you’re interested in learning more about teeth whitening. Our Tewksbury dentists will evaluate your teeth and offer a whitening recommendation designed to best address your teeth whitening goals.

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