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The Stars Are Misaligned & it Could Spell Poor Oral Health

Jewel Video Screen Shot
For all the stars who are known for their multi-watt, million-dollar smiles in Hollywood – we’re looking at you, Angelina and Denzel – there are many who are known for their smile imperfections.

Steve Buscemi once told The Hollywood Reporter: “I’ve had dentists who have wanted to help me out, but I say, ‘You know, I won’t work again if you fix my teeth.’”

We live in such an image-driven society today, it’s easy to give in to the pressure to tuck, suck, pluck, tighten, brighten or whiten any physical feature that makes you feel self-conscious. Teeth are popular targets because many dental cosmetic improvements are quite affordable, especially when compared to plastic surgery procedures.

Our philosophy is this: if you like your unique smile, so be it. But many dental improvements go beyond appearances and actually provide oral health benefits. Here are some benefits to consider if your smile resembles any of these stars and their misaligned teeth.


Singer/songwriter Jewel once credited her role in a movie to her less-than-perfect teeth. She was cast in Ride with the Devil even though she had no acting experience. But her character grew up lower class, doing lots of farm-related work, so the director felt like Jewel’s teeth fit the bill.

Here’s why you might consider Invisalign or another teeth alignment method if your smile matches Jewel’s crowded lateral incisor and fanglike canine: this type of misalignment creates deep crevices where food particles can collect and plaque/tartar can form. Buildup of plaque and tartar can lead to staining, recession and eventual tooth decay.

“Teeth that are in proper alignment and are properly spaced are easier to care for,” says Tewksbury Invisalign provider Dr. Nitish Nahata. “In an aligned smile, all the bristles of the tooth brush touch the outer surfaces of your teeth evenly, whereas a single crooked tooth can create a space that those bristles never see. Aligned teeth also promote gum health by enabling the gums to fit more securely around the teeth.”

Steve Buscemi

Speaking of gums, let’s go back to Steve for a minute. We are not Steve’s dentists, but in our professional opinion, it appears he may suffer from periodontal disease. Besides having misaligned teeth, his smile shows signs of gum recession. It also appears as though one of his canines is supra-erupted, which means it has erupted farther than it should and exposed the tooth root. This happens when upper and lower teeth aren’t aligned in a way that enables them to properly support each other and prevent drifting. It also appears to have drifted into the lateral incisor’s position.

Periodontal disease is serious business. It cannot be cured; only managed. Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign or other methods, combined with periodontal treatment, can help get the problem under control if it is addressed in time.


This talented singer is an example of a problem that is quite common: crowding of the lower front teeth. Severely crowded teeth can break dental floss when you try to floss your teeth. They can cause premature enamel wear if they rub against your upper teeth unevenly. They also can cause gum recession by nature of them accumulating much more plaque and tarter than properly aligned teeth.

If you’d rather emulate these stars’ fashion styles instead of their misaligned teeth, call our office for a complete examination. We will discuss treatment options that will improve your
smile, promote good oral health and help make sure your teeth last you for a lifetime.

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