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No Dental Insurance? No Worries!

No Dental Insurance?
No worries—at Tewksbury Dental Associates we’ve got you covered!

You cannot turn on the news or look at the internet anywhere in the country right now without seeing alarming and uncertain information about health insurance. The future of how we will be covered and receive care, both medical and dental, is very much up in the air. If the laws change millions of people will lose coverage or have it dramatically change. At Tewksbury Dental Associates we’ve met so many new patients who have come to us with the additional stress of no dental coverage at all and very little understanding of how they can receive care and treatment from a dentist without insurance.

Even our patients with dental insurance have a wide range of coverage. Some plans cover only 50% of the fee. Some pay on a set list of fees while others pay only a percentage of a particular procedure. Some procedures are not covered at all due to specific plan limitations. There can be out of pocket deductibles that must be met before any benefits can be received and there can be a maximum amount insurance will pay for dental health needs in a given year as well. Dental insurance, in most cases, is like a coupon. It only covers basic care and the benefits you receive are not determined by the dental office, but by your employer and the insurance companies.

Patients without insurance receive the exact same treatment in our practice as those with coverage. This includes everything from general and preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, invisalign, and even implant dentistry. We offer affordable, customized financing options which allow the cost of treatment to be spread out over time to fit your individual needs. Our patient care experts, and the whole clinical team at TDA, are trained to help patients uncover the treatment they need and the ability to afford it.

We do not want an insurance company executive, or anyone else who is not a dental health care provider, dictating what your preventative care should include, or how your diagnosis or treatment should be addressed and managed. Don’t let a lack of dental insurance keep you from having the very best dental care and the positive impact it can have on your overall health. With or without insurance, at Tewksbury Dental Associates we will clinically diagnose and treat your dental issues in a caring and compassionate environment. In our office, your health is the top priority and our primary concern and we will find a way to help you keep a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile!

Dr. Nahata, Dr. Cenami. and Dr Goldman

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