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Digital Dentistry at Tewksbury Dental Associates

digital dentistry Tewskbury MA

Dr. Goldman and Dr. Nahata case planning with CBCT technology

Have you ever heard the phrase “teeth in a day”, or “same day crowns”? At Tewksbury Dental Associates we have the skills and technology in our office to deliver both of these advanced services to our patients. The placement of dental implants to restore missing or damaged teeth provides a permanent solution that is designed to last a lifetime. Same day CEREC crowns are planned on the computer using digital impressions and then fabricated right in our office. No lab, no second appointment, and no temporary crown while you wait for your permanent crown to be made! For your convenience the whole process is completed in a couple of hours and you walk out the door with your customized permanent crown all in the same appointment.

One of the best additions to our new office has been the 3D CBCT cone beam scanner. This machine allows us to take three dimensional x-rays of your teeth and jaws so we can diagnose, with great precision, the optimal treatment for you. We can actually plan your entire case digitally with software on the computer. The CBCT scan captures not only teeth in three dimensions, but your bone, nerves, sinuses and other anatomical features that may be impacted by the procedure. We can see it all! We can work through the entire plan and all the variables that are unique to you and your treatment plan before we even touch your mouth.

CEREC digital impression taking

TDA assistants practicing CEREC digital impression taking

The entire team at Tewksbury Dental Associates is trained to utilize this technology fully. We are one of the only general family dentists in the area with 3D CBCT imaging available right onsite in our own office. With a periodontist, an endodontist, and four general dentists, along with this state of the art technology, we can handle the majority of the dental care needs you, or any member of your family, might need right here in our Tewksbury office.

The mission of the whole practice is summed up in our motto: “Passion for Dentistry, Compassion for People.” Bringing the diagnostic and treatment capabilities of the latest technology to all of our patients fulfills both parts of that mission. We welcome new patients and would love to share the highest standard of care with you and your family.

Dr. Nitish Nahata

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