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TDA SMILES Testimonials: Real Life Invisalign Smile Stories

At Tewksbury Dental Associates, we love to share our Invisalign success stories. Every day, we see first-hand the transformative effects Invisalign treatment has on our patient’s confidence and self-esteem as they complete treatment with a resulting smile they love! Read about Brenna, Katie and Stephanie got smiles they are proud to show the world with Invisalign:


As a teenager, TDA patient Brenna had endured three long years wearing metal braces. She remembers these braces as being very uncomfortable, and worse still, painfully cutting the inside of her mouth. After the braces came off, she didn’t wear her retainers, in large part because of her negative metal braces experience. She was over braces!

As an adult, when she came to see Dr. Nahata looking to relieve the jaw pain she was having from chronic teeth grinding, she was initially dismayed to hear that he would need to correct the alignment of her teeth with braces. Knowing her past negative experience, Dr. Nahata suggested Invisalign aligners.

Brenna was amazed at how different her experience with Invisalign was compared to traditional metal braces. After the first few hours wearing the aligners, she barely noticed they were there and that no one else noticed them either! Better yet, the Invisalign aligners were easy to clean and could easily be incorporated into her daily routine.

After six months of wearing Invisalign, Brenna’s jaw pain was gone and she was ready for Dr. Nahata to further improve her smile with some simple bonding on her front teeth. Brenna now gets a lot of compliments on her smile and when people ask how she did it, she says, “I just got Invisalign.”


Katie had never liked to look for her smile. She referred to two of her front teeth as “shark teeth” for the way they were angled forward. Nervous about the dentist, she delayed seeing what a dentist could do to improve the look of her smile. When she finally came in to see Dr. Nahata, she felt comfortable from the minute she walked into the office.

Dr. Nahata listened to Katie’s concerns about her “shark teeth” and said, “We can fix your shark teeth and what we need to do is we need to do some Invisalign.” Nervous about the huge responsibility she imagined came with braces, she was surprised that the Invisalign aligners were very comfortable and easy to use. She says they are so easy to pop in and out to eat and easy to maintain as well. The Invisalign aligners “made her want to have a nice smile!”

Katie had always wanted perfect teeth: “Who doesn’t want perfect teeth?” she asks. With her Invisalign treatment, Katie now has a smile she loves. Before, she was very self-conscious about having her picture taken, but now her favorite pictures are “the ones where I have a big smile with all my teeth showing!”


Tewksbury Dental Associates team member Stephanie is known for her big personality, but she was always embarrassed by the look of her smile. Being a hygienist, it made her self-conscious to not like the look of her own smile. She finally decided to talk to Dr. Nahata. She told him, “Let’s get this going. I want to be smiling again.”

The first step in Stephanie’s smile transformation was braces. She immediately asked if Invisalign would be right for her. She turned out to be a good candidate for the aligners and began her treatment. She says the Invisalign appointments were fast and easy: every six weeks she would get a new set of aligners that gently realigned her teeth. Stephanie’s Invisalign treatment lasted a year and a half, but with Invisalign, it was easy. She thought it helped that the aligners were virtually unnoticeable, making her feel unself-conscious about wearing them in social situations.

Once her Invisalign treatment was done, Dr. Nahata did some veneers on teeth that had old, discolored fillings and her smile transformation was complete. Dr. Nahata notices that now you can’t stop Stephanie from smiling, a smile that is as big as Stephanie’s big, dynamic personality! Stephanie now gets many compliments on her smile. With the confidence she gained from her Invisalign treatment, she is now “rocking her smile.” Better yet, she says, “I love my smile. I can’t stop smiling.”

As these patient stories show, Invisalign can change more than just your smile; Invisalign can change the confidence you show out in the world. And these are just a few of our Invisalign success stories! If you are less than in love with your smile, schedule a consultation today to see if Invisalign can help you have a smile you love to show the world.

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