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Membership Plans at TDA

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If you don’t have dental insurance or have a dental plan that doesn’t sufficiently cover the true cost of care, maintaining a healthy schedule of regular dental health visits to the dentist can be a real financial worry. At TDA, we often see how concern over the cost of care or lack of adequate coverage prevents patients from getting the dental care both they and their families need to maintain the health of their smiles.

You don’t have to compromise on professional dental care with one of our in-office dental membership plans! The coverage provided by our dental membership plans is clearly stated with no hidden out-of-pocket costs. Our comprehensive plans can help you get the care you and your family need at a monthly cost that fits within your budget.

While other dental practices may offer membership plans, not all plans are created equal. Unlike other membership plans, TDA’s membership plans include premium services, like Velscope cancer screening, fluoride treatments and Itero digital wellness scans.

With three plans to choose from, we are sure there’s a plan that’s right for you. Depending on your needs, our Child Complete, Adult, and Perio membership plans will have your family’s dental health care needs covered!

Child Complete

From their first trip to the dentist up to early adolescence, our Child Complete plan is offered to our youngest patients. This plan is for kids ages 0 to 13 and includes all the preventive care they need to ensure the health of their developing teeth! as well as a discount on additional in-office dental health procedures.

The Child Complete plan includes:

  • Two annual professional cleanings and checkups;
  • One tooth-protecting fluoride treatment;
  • Digital bitewing X-rays; and
  • One emergency exam (if needed);
  • Discounts on additional in-office procedures.


For adults, age 14 and over, we offer the Adult Complete plan. This plan is designed to meet the additional preventive care needs of adults (and adults-to-be!). 

The Adult Complete plan includes:

  • Two annual professional cleanings;
  • Two annual exams and dental health screenings;
  • Fluoride Treatment;
  • One Velscope oral cancer screening;
  • Digital bitewing X-rays; and
  • One emergency exam (if needed);
  • Discounts on additional in-office procedures.


If you have been diagnosed with periodontal disease, you know that maintaining the health of your teeth and gums requires additional, specialized dental care. Our Perio plan was created specifically for our periodontal patients to meet their unique dental health needs.

The Perio plan includes:

  • Three annual professional perio maintenance cleanings;
  • Two annual exams and screenings;
  • One tooth-protecting fluoride treatment;
  • One oral cancer screening;
  • Digital bitewing x-rays;
  • One emergency exam (if needed); and
  • Discounts on additional in-office procedures.
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With all of our membership plans, you have two convenient payment options. You can pay monthly or you can make a single annual payment for the cost of the membership plan.

If you opt to pay monthly, you can arrange to have the month payment automatically debited from your bank account or charge to your credit card. As with other monthly expenses, automatic payments ensure your payment is always on time and that you never miss a payment!

Enrolling in one of dental membership plans is easy! You can enroll in our membership plans right in our office and a member of our team is with you every step of the way, ensuring all your questions are answered and you get just the right plan for you and your family.

With our dental membership plans, a lack of dental insurance doesn’t have to prevent you from maintaining the health of your teeth and gums! To learn more about our plan options, contact our office today!

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